I’m lucky to be working in an industry I really enjoy. I was part of the Computer club at school and have always loved the internet industry. I trained as a lawyer and actually finished law school before the realization dawned that it wasn’t for me. A common experience when you have to make life decisions before you’re ready. I definitely wasn’t ready at 18. I think I ended up in law by a combination of knowing what a lawyer did (roughly) and a complete lack of knowledge about what a “business” did. It also required great grades so was bound to be great (a typical example of a logical fallacy).

By chance, and a little design, I ended up where I wanted to be and I realize how fortunate that makes me. Too many people end up working where they aren’t pursuing what gets them excited. Most will never have the choice and have to take whatever they can get.

My wife is an example of someone who is completely changing careers from a copywriter to a dog groomer. Copywriting is something that paid the bills, dogs are a passion and you can tell that by the way she talks about her job and treats the dogs. It will make her a truly wonderful groomer.

It can be intimidating making such a large change when you have already started a career path. However, a career lasts 30-40 years. It’s a long time to be doing something you don’t wake up energized to do. There are always millions of reasons why you can’t do something now (later never comes). If there is one reason to do it, is because of how much time you spend at work. If a meaning of life isn’t the pursuit of love, both at work and at home, I don’t understand what the answer to that question is meant to be.