All firms have a culture. A way of doing things and an outlook that impacts the decisions they make. The companies I’ve been in have differed dramatically and the same facts will end up with different decisions. Some businesses are faster moving, some are more considered. Some are more data driven, some are more about gut feeling.

It isn’t true that one way of working is right and one is wrong. It will differ by industry and the company’s differentiation. However, what is always true is that you need to adapt yourself to the culture.

There will always be room for you to impose your personality on what you’re doing, but within reasonable boundaries. If it’s a company that wants you to speak concisely, don’t be the loudmouth in the room. If you’re expected to use revenue estimates, then come to the meeting prepared rather than wish it wasn’t necessary.

I’ve seen a lot of people trip up here. They’re convinced that if they act themselves, then people will come around. However, you’ve been employed to maximize the opportunities in your role. You can only do that by having people onside and the best way to do that is to work within the cultural boundaries. Once you’re in a stronger position in the company, you can work to make the changes that you think are needed. Otherwise, you’ll be trying without anyone listening.