I remember when I stopped ice skating, it was a jolt to the system. I was only 17. My life had revolved around school, then ice skating and then repeat. I enjoyed it immensely but it felt like it had reached the time to move on. I was injured a lot and didn’t want to quit school. I tried to make it a clean break and didn’t go back to the ice rink for nearly a year. When I did, I expected it to be frozen in time with the same people and the same progression. However, everything was the same, just a little different. Skaters had progressed or regressed. Haircuts were longer or shorter. Life had moved on. It made me both happy and sad.

The reason I’m thinking of this at the moment is that I’ve left my current company and moved back to the UK. Chicago has been truly wonderful and I feel like we’re leaving a little too soon. I hope to be back in this bizarre and captivating country again to work someday. I’m taking up a role at a great company (my LinkedIn profile will be updated in due course). It was good enough to tear us away from the USA but we’re truly happy to have had this opportunity. My wife and I leave a number of wonderful people behind in Chicago and I’m happy to have known them, even if for only a brief moment.

As with any company what I will miss most is the people. It’s the day to day interactions that make me enjoy where I work. They give you the chance to make a difference. We’re all just ships passing in the night, but we all hope to leave some sort of impression on people and hope they leave some sort of impression on us.

I leave with a heavy heart but one that is filled with expectation of what is next. Life is constantly filled with sudden zags and that’s one of its greatest gifts. So the world will keep on turning, the people I leave behind will continue living and I will keep on looking forward to my next great adventure.