It may seem an obvious point to make to online marketers but it is amazing how often this is ignored.

Don’t target by spend.

Spend is a very poor way in which to target. In most categories, purchasing is infrequent. Customers, despite the loyalty hype, are also quite fickle. As a result this year’s top customer is next year’s lapsed customer due to normal statistical variances in purchasing frequency or just due to when the cut off point for the year is.

Therefore, targeting by spend is a couple of rungs above randomly pulling the names out of a hat in order to choose the right offers to show them. And a lot less fun.

Target by behaviours. This can start simple such as last product category viewed through to segmentation of customers by advanced behaviours, such as browsing patterns, whether they view high value items, or are offer led.

Behaviour targeted campaigns will always trump spend ones. Test and learn.