As has often been said, we tend to spend the majority of our waking hours working. Everyone’s job is stressful to a greater or larger extent. It’s always important not to bring your home mood into work, but it can often be harder not to bring your work mood home.
When I begun my career, I found it very hard to switch off. I think it is natural for it to be more common early in your working life. Each time you meet a situation, it is the first time, so it all seems a lot more stressful than it will be on subsequent occasions. It is that much more important to make a good impression and you haven’t developed the coping mechanisms yet to allow it to wash over you.
It is important that you find a way to switch off. Everyone gets stressed from time to time, and will be in a worse mood than normal because of an issue at work. However, once it becomes common, it suggests that you either need to work out how to handle the stress or find another role. I have days where I get home and want to lie on the sofa without using my brain. Much more often now, I forget everything when I walk out the door and it leaves me more refreshed for the next day, and more pleasant company for my wife.
In reality, continuing to stress about the day only leads to a worse performance tomorrow through a lack of mental acuity and sleep. An inability or unwillingness to switch off isn’t a positive sign of a superman. I’m all in favour of long hours and pushing your abilities to the limits and beyond. However, it is just as important to learn how and when to relax or your limits will increasingly move in.