As someone who reads a lot of marketing publications, I probably feel this more than most. But, please, pretty please, will everyone stop writing so much about social media.

I get that it is new and that marketers love showing how up-to-date they are with technologies, despite most not knowing SEO from PPC, but please stop it.

A number of ludicrous stories were published about how Oreo won the Superbowl by a tweet ( Simply, no they didn’t. Most marketers and technologists heard this story (I count myself in both camps). However, the normal world did not. Nearly everyone saw the ads and were influenced by them. A very small percentage knew the tweet existed. Very small.

The difficulty stems from how few new stories there often are to write about the established channels, such as TV or outdoor, or even the established digital channels such as PPC. So the new gets preferential treatment. It is still evolving so has a new story every week. Social hasn’t established its place among the channels yet and its return is unproven. Engagement, despite the protestations of many, is not a hard metric.

I attended a conference a few years ago unveiling Adobe’s new social product that was meant to reveal the return of social media. It didn’t even begin to and nothing has come close.

I realise the irony of an article about social media urging others not to write about social media. But, it’s all in a good cause. It is natural to write about social media. However, how about we even it up to be closer to what our actual day to day jobs are?

Thank you.