Privacy online is an absolute minefield. Many people, Mark Zuckerberg among them, say privacy is dead. An exaggerated, whilst catchy, one liner.
The vast majority of people are at the creeped out stage when they have a retargeted ad pursue them through various websites, or when they notice how much information from their Facebook profile is being shared with the world.Companies like Facebook will feel a public backlash if they continue to ignore consumer sentiment in such flagrant ways. Facebook in most countries is a monopoly when it comes to that type of social network. What monopolies always forget is that they always lose their position in the end in the absence of state intervention.

Where we need to get to is where customers can easily choose what they want to share rather than it being hidden away.

The public also need to become aware that the internet is public by its nature and when they choose to participate on discussion forums, this is not the same as expressing an opinion in your living room but is like expressing an opinion in your living room to the world.

Privacy is alive but it is up to the public to be aware of what they were doing and demand it where necessary.