I spend so much time each week keeping up with the latest ecommerce and technology news that I forget that the general populace don’t care about it as much as I do. I’d worry for them if they did! In many cases I won’t have even heard of most of the things they care about. There is so much to learn and so much useful knowledge to be imparted that people stand back from contributing every day. Being humble about what you know, and kind enough to impart what you do, are wonderful qualities to learn.

In that spirit, I thought I would share my favourite phone apps. I am an Android phone owner, so if it isn’t on Android, it isn’t on the list.


Asana – the app is actually pretty average. I’m not sure this type of application will ever work satisfactorily on a phone screen size. However, I have included it because the website is so wonderful and my work life would be poorer without the organisational capabilities it gives me.

Google Calendar – a classic, but it deserves its place. All my personal appointments/meetings/nights out are recorded here and its interface is simple to use and easy to read.

Chrome – it was a substantial improvement on the original stock Android browser. The way it connects me with the tabs from my laptop and remembers my personal search history makes everything a lot faster.

Evernote – the first paid app on the list, but I would happily pay more. I have gathered many documents and notes over the last few years from shopping lists to reminders to presentations to favourite bars. It quickly becomes indispensible.

Feedly – with the sad demise of Google Reader, Feedly has stepped into the breach. It looks better visually but at the sacrifice of some speed. If it provides an offline option, it will have everything I need from an RSS reader.

Gmail & Facebook – too well known to mention in any detail, but essentials for keeping in contact.

Google Now – not an app as such, but part of the Google Search experience on Jelly Bean. It automatically tries to foresee what you want to see through your search history and personal details – the latest score of your favourite team, directions to that place you want to go, the latest transport details, the weather for tomorrow. The list is growing by the month.

Lastpass – the number of passwords needed on the internet has multiplied exponentially. In order to remember them all, I find this essential. It also has a Chrome Browser Extension that fills in passwords and usernames once you’ve logged into it.

LinkedIn – it has become a great way to track my career and those of my peers.

Maps – Google Maps is so far ahead of the rest that it isn’t even a competition anymore. Enough of a reason for people I know to have given up their beloved iPhones.

TripIt – why everyone doesn’t use this is beyond me. I use it to  plan every trip. The app automatically scans your email for any travel bookings and builds them into an itinerary. Then you get to modify and add to it, saving me the frantic search in my bag for the multiple sheets of paper I left on my bedroom cabinet.

Twitter – 500 million people can’t be wrong.