A hundred teenage movies growing up reminded me that my later teenage years were the best days of my life. I always thought “I bloody hope not”. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed them a lot. However, life isn’t about best times. It is simply a collection of eras, each with different qualities and aspects to them. I find it hard to even compare them as they are so varied.

The only definitive thing we know about life is that nearly everything will change, all the way through our time on this planet. People can put so much effort in trying to resist it. People are born and die. Jobs come and go. Friendships endure and fade. Fighting this movement will only bring unhappiness. The only healthy way to deal with it is to accept that life will change and that you need to be prepared for it. More often than not, it will be out of your control.

I always believe great times are around the corner. They will almost certainly be different than I ever imagined them, but we all have a choice to grab those opportunities when they arise and to work on creating new ones.