I’ve been wrong.

Many times.

Many, many times.

We all have. Despite the beliefs of some, none of us are omnipotent. We each make mistakes or pick up on things incorrectly. We need to make so many decisions all the time that some of them are bound to be wrong.

Despite this, people can often see it as a failing when they make a mistake. So they try to hide it and refuse to accept culpability. The gremlins in their head convince them that making a mistake makes them crap at their jobs. It’s a strange scale when you think of it. Only by being perfect can you be good. So they blame circumstances, they blame others, they blame anything else they can think of. This simply worsens the situation as they look dishonest and untrustworthy.

There is another option. Admit your mistake and move on. Don’t blame anything else. Blame yourself. Think about all the things you could have done differently that would have stopped the circumstances causing the error. It promotes self-learning and defuses the situation. People want to see others admit their mistakes. When that happens, you can move onto discussing the solution. If anything, I’ve found the admission builds trust with the other person. Take the lesson on board and don’t repeat the same mistake. Or you can mislead and hope to get away with it. It’s up to you.