I don’t care much about money. I care a bit. I want the minimum amount I think is necessary to live the life I want to live. Which isn’t that much as I don’t like cars, rarely have expensive holidays and don’t plan to have any kids.

What I want from my career is the chance to make a difference. I remember having a discussion with a colleague at Google about 5 years ago and saying that I would be prepared to take a cut in salary to be promoted. She looked at me like I had two heads, but I still feel that way. Being promoted puts me in a better place to change how a company is run, to improve those things that need improving. I’ve got to a position where I can make a difference now but it’s not enough yet. I want to do more.

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling like this and many companies haven’t caught up with this outlook. Previous generations were more concerned about having stable jobs with increasing salaries that they wanted to hang onto. However, that isn’t the world we live in anymore. The job for life increasingly is a myth.

So the way to keep me in a company isn’t retention packages, salary increases or bonuses, it’s greater responsibilities and development opportunities. The main burden lies on me to justify those opportunities through hard work and achievements. If I fulfil my side of the bargain, a salary increase isn’t going to be mean much. I want a chance to make a difference.