You have a discussion to have with your boss or someone else in the organisation. You think that it probably won’t get approved, but you fervently believe it’s the right thing to do. Do you:

(a)    Bring it up with your boss,

(b)   Delay doing it until you finally pluck up the courage,

(c)    Never bring it up

It’s amazing how often people default into option (c). It’s easy to as it’s the only option that requires a lack of decision. Humans can find endless ways to prevaricate. However, it’s very important to force other people into a decision.

Whilst you’re waiting and refusing to bring it up, it is your responsibility if something goes wrong in the interim. You were the one that failed to mention it.

Once you’ve made your case, it is still partly your fault if the decision didn’t go your way as you weren’t convincing enough. However, you have tried your best and the other person has been forced into a decision and had to take responsibility if it is the wrong one.

People hold back because no-one likes hearing no. No’s are taken personally – it is like they are rejecting you rather than your idea. However, arguing your point is the only sensible approach to take. Once you get used to doing this, it gets easier each time.