“Events, my dear boy, events”.

So said Harold Macmillan reflecting on the impact unexpected occurrences have on a career and life. It’s true. We’ve all been through them. Events both large and small conspire to throw our lives off the expected course. Life never ends out the way we planned it. Sometimes it can get pretty close.

However, I don’t consider our lives to be a plastic bag buffeted by the wind. We each have opportunities every day to shape what will happen. Events just don’t just happen to us. Once we buy into a victim mentality, we start explaining everything away by blaming others.

“I didn’t get this promotion as my boss doesn’t like me as much.”

“That other kid has more expensive tennis equipment.”

Maybe you didn’t work or train as hard as you should have. There is a lot that each person can control about their lives. Once you focus on the controllable rather than the uncontrollable, a plan will often present itself.

It is all about whether you want to be an owner of your own success. Don’t be a victim.